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postheadericon Mijas Foreign Residents Department Offers Helpful Information

The Town Hall in the village of Mijas in Málaga created the first Foreign Residents Department in Spain and helps new residents to settle into Spanish life. If you are looking to buy a Spanish property, see

The Foreigners Department was set up in 1985 and is run by helpful multilingual staff. It occupies a spacious office in the Town Hall building in the centre of the pretty white village of Mijas in the Province of Malaga.

Over the last 20 years or so more and more foreigners have taken up residence in the municipality of Mijas. The area covered by Mijas Town Hall includes the length of coast and inland known as MijasCosta , stretching from Fuengirola to Marbella. Also included is the traditional sea side town of La Cala de Mijas

Foreign residents have settled here because of its beauty and convenient location on the Costa del Sol. Malaga city is 30 minutes away and bus, train, airport and ferry connections are excellent.

Taking up residence in Spain is obviously quite different to spending time on holiday when none of the mundane matters of daily life have to be dealt with. Any foreigner, from whatever country will come up against a lot of bureaucratic and legal situations but in Mijas the Foreigners Department will advise and ease the burden.

Assistance Offered in all Ways

Finding a home, opening bank accounts, obtaining that special identity number – the NIE and becoming an employee or an employer are prime considerations for a new resident. Social security and medical care closely follow as does getting an electricity supply and a telephone connected and then registering the children into a local school.

Advice on finding a solicitor and an accountant who speak your language, understanding the tax system, paying taxes and knowing when and how to get rebates are indeed complicated but probably some of the most important facets of life in Spain.

Elderly Residents of all Nationilities

Many foreign residents in Mijas are of pensionable age and advice is given on obtaining pensions and health care. Including form filling where necessary! Residents need to have been on the Town Hall register for 5 years to receive home help and certain other benefits but these are all explained by the department.

Social Events, Fiestas, Classes, Seminars and Interpreter Services

Many social events run by the department including concerts, wine tastings, day classes, excursions and short trips. Spanish lessons are very popular and to give something in return, the department has organized a group of English speakers to help students with their studies at local schools a couple of mornings a week. Foreigners who speak good Spanish can volunteer through the interpreter service that helps at Police and Guardia Civil stations, local health centres and surgeries. Volunteers are always needed.

Help With Any Aspect of Life in Mijas

The Foreign Residents Department in Mijas is a valuable and worthwhile organization that gives free information regarding anything and everything that effects the life of its residents and will even help filling out forms. They also publish a very informative booklet called Living in Mijas.

postheadericon Best Places in Spain to Visit

Spain is regarded as Europe’s glamorous country because of its sociable people, good cuisine, peaceful lifestyle, exciting nightlife, and also its colorful festivals that are famous all over the world. It is a great country for travelers who are planning to visit abroad as it also has lovely beaches, exotic nightlife, diverse cultural places and historical cities. It is a country comprising great geographical and cultural variety and hence, it provides a great surprise holiday rather than being reputed for just great holidays on its beaches. This country has abundant meadows and snow-capped mountains besides big marshy lands and deserts in the S. East and it is also famous for its lovely beaches during the peak summer season.

Spain is a varied country that shares the Iberian Peninsula along with Portugal at the west side of the Mediterranean Sea. Spain is also leading in the number of World Heritage Cities and is also the second country in the world having the largest number of World Heritage Sites by the UNESCO.

Best Cities of Spain

Madrid is the largest city and the capital of this country. It is famous for its huge artistic and cultural tradition and El Prado museum is an excellent example of this fact. This place also takes pride in its vibrant nightlife which is considered the best in the world. Madrid’s Royal history dominated its culture and this city was the heart of the Spanish kingdom. Madrid comprises all the huge palaces and buildings such as the Royal Palace that the Spanish Monarchy utilized along with huge churches and cathedrals and its ancient architecture.

Barcelona is the country’s second biggest city and comprises of several European open-air markets, restaurants, museums and shops and churches and is great for walking. This city is also having a huge and dependable Metro system for people who wish to travel to faraway places.

Granada is a city that is having a rich culture and history and is considered as the only valuable city in Spain for tourists. Besides having a history that is rich and multicultural, the city also has monuments such as the Alhambra, skiing and trekking facilities in the Sierra Nevada located nearby.

Seville is a place that has lots to offer the visitors. This city is located on the banks of the Guadalquivir River which separates the city into Sevilla and Triana. There are many important places that one must see which include the Real Alcázar, The Jewish Quarter, The Hospital de los Venerables, The Cathedral of Seville, and the La Giralda. Besides all this, one can also visit many galleries and museums too.

Spanish Costas

The Costa Blanca is most famous coastline of Alicante which is a province in Spain. This region of Spain is stunning because of the culture and its beaches. There are also some great bargain properties available on the Costa Blanca.The beaches are lovely, clean and flow into the pristine Mediterranean Sea, along with flat valleys, and lots of lovely villages that are full of traditional cultural events. It also features sandy beaches, good and cheap resorts for the travelers. Besides this, it also has a golf course, hidden coves, a splendid nature, and many other domestic areas. The mountains provide a clear view of this splendid region and the old villages that are dotted along the coastline offer the visitors a chance to explore the real Spanish life. Hence, this place is popular as a holiday spot and it is easy to understand why this is so.

The Costa Brava is located in Catalonia and has rugged cliffs and a blend of sandy and pebbled beaches. The Tossa de Mar is an unidentified gem of this place and it is a lovely little fishing village that is made very little development on the N. Spanish Mediterranean coastline. The other places worth seeing are the Girona that is an ancient Jewish city and the Cadaques – Dali museum along with a Marine Park.

Tenerife is the biggest place among the Canary Islands and hence, offers a great destination for travelers. It is considered as one of the last of all the paradise islands in Europe. This place is full of exotic flora and fauna, thick forests, volcanoes, mountains and deserts, lovely coastlines and splendid beaches. Parque Rural de Anaga is a good place for hiking and also one can drive around the island which offers some fantastic views as well. This place also has mountain roads that are long and winding and comprising lovely scenery but these roads may prove difficult for drivers who are not very experienced. Besides all this, it also has some parks that are very attractive too.

postheadericon Enjoy a real holiday in Dartmoor

Dartmoor is rich in abundant beauty that feeds the senses, while bars and restaurants in Dartmoor feed the body with the local cuisine that satisfies the soul. Dartmoor is definitely the place to visit if you are looking for a vacation for you revive completely. The natural beauty of Dartmoor has even been praised by the likes of veteran Hollywood director Steven Spielberg. The landscape of Dartmoor is a canvas on which Mother Nature has done some of his best work.

The people, the landscape with its natural beauty and food have combined to contribute to the appeal of Dartmoor visitors. Walking on Dartmoor is the best way to appreciate their time in Dartmoor immersed in exquisite surroundings and feel the pump fresh air through the lungs. It is not surprising that it will work up a good appetite and be ready to taste the local products. Most places do not serve fast food, but instead they give good quality home style meals that really hit the spot! It’s the kind of food that will help to realise what being alive is all about, as the flavours are rich and healthy food.

Take your time to explore and discover the villages on Dartmoor can be fun and interesting. Located in wooded areas with thatched cottages, wildflowers and rural rustic charm, these towns are ideal to sit and country real food and beer in the friendly and charming pubs in Dartmoor. There are more than 160 of the hills on Dartmoor. These are exposed granite hilltops, which provide dramatic and stunning views. Climbing a tor can give you the advantage of seeing a larger expanse of the Dartmoor landscape. On the North West fringe is the Yes Tor, which has superb views all around including the sights of Exmoor National Park, on clear days.

There are many places to find good food if they want to and make sure you are not disappointed book online to make a reservation. However, in most cases it not is necessary to do so because the facilities are more than ready to accommodate another guest with true hospitality of Dartmoor. Like many of the places are family establishments offering the true feel welcome as soon as you step over the threshold, while offering food at affordable prices. If you’re in the mood to enjoy some good food and want to experience affordable, Dartmoor has a range of hotels that offer just that. There are places where the entire family can visit and be pampered in style without the food that cost the earth. After all a holiday is about food, allowing your taste buds to flavours and food experiences that normally cannot eat back home. It’s part of the adventure.

The post was shared by Ilsington Country House Hotel in Dartmoor. The hotel has been running for almost 18 years by the Hassell family. Through the years, the family has welcomed thousands of guests, organised hundreds of parties including Christmas and countless weddings successfully.

postheadericon Finding a Self-Catering Holiday intheUK to Suit Your Budget

There are many different types of self-catering holiday accommodation in the UK which ranges from camping in a tent in the Cotswolds all the way through to staying in a luxurious holiday cottage complete with sauna and hot tub. Regardless of your budget you should be able to find a nice type of accommodation that suits you and what you would like to get from a holiday. The options for self-catering holidays in the UK are:

Camping in a Tent

Let’s be honest camping in tent isn’t for everyone, all those lumps and bumps in the most uncomfortable places does not lend itself to a very good night’s sleep. Noises in the middle of the night and journeying over the other side of the field for a toilet break do not add up to it being the most relaxing of weeks. For some people this isn’t a problem and being outside and having that direct contact with the outdoors is just what they are after. You can expect to pay between £35 to £140 for a 7 day break.

‘Camping’ in a Touring Caravan

Touring vans in the UK are quite a popular method of having a holiday. Towing a caravan isn’t for everyone though and you do need to be a confident driver. The plus points are that you can have a good night’s sleep, and have your own toilet and shower. The cost of a one week holiday will range from £70 to £210 but then you do have the initial cost of the caravan to consider.

Static Caravan

Static caravans were extremely popular in the 70’s, 80’s and the beginning of the 90’s but interest in them has waned in the past few years. Once inside it’s very similar to being inside a large touring caravan – it’s warm and cosy and can provide a nice place to have a break. Costing between £140 to £1000 per week you will be able to find a holiday park to suit your budget.

Log Cabin

As the ‘new kid on the block’ log cabin holidays are taking the UK by storm. In the peak seasons hiring a log cabin can be a costly affair – up to £1500 for a week – but in the winter months you can be assured of getting a lot for your money (expect to pay about £325 per week). Log cabins with hot tubs are not uncommon and what’s more you can use the tub all year round. Most of the log cabins in the UK are less than ten years old and as such provide a modern and warm accommodation with a proper size bed!

Holiday Cottage

Holiday cottages are well distributed throughout the UK but the quality of them really does vary. If you are not booking up your cottage through a reputable hire company then try to visit the cottage before booking. You can however get some fantastic cottages that are on par with the top of the range log cabins. You can expect to pay from £250 per week up to £2000.

Looking through a good holiday’s directory will give you a lot of ideas and options for your budget – so make sure you investigate all options before you part with your cash

postheadericon The Best Caribbean Islands To Visit

What Are The Best Caribbean Islands To Visit?

Looking for the best Caribbean islands to visit on your next vacation? Look no further! I’ll guide you through some of the hottest Caribbean destinations so that your next vacation will be your absolute best!

For further info, see my site at:

If you’re already dreaming of palm trees and pomegranate juice, then you’re halfway there. I highly recommend each of these tropical getaways, as they are each among my favorite places in the

The coastal areas of St. Martin are absolutely beautiful. My wife and I spent a full week in Philipsburg, St. Martin last summer, and we both fell in love with the place. From the friendly staff at the Butterfly Farm to the amazing views on Sunset Beach, the island has it all.

If you are planning on a trip to St. Martin, you won’t be disappointed. One important fact is that the island is divided into two halves. One half is governed by the Dutch, and the other half is French. Both sides of the island typically accept US Dollars, but the official currency on the French side is the Euro. Of all of the Caribbean islands that I’ve visited, I would consider this to be the best so far.

Visiting the Bahamas

Nassau in New Providence and Grand Bahama Island

The Islands of the Bahamas consist of an island chain that is filled with beautiful landscapes, clear blue seas, and spectacular views. I spent part of my honeymoon on Nassau (part of a cruise ship wedding), and it was simply stunning. We rented jet skis and rode them out on the ocean right at sunset. It’s one of my most unforgettable moments in the Caribbean.

Visiting Jamaica

Negril and Montego Bay

Jamaica’s tourist areas are very modern and equally as beautiful as anywhere else in the Caribbean islands. You can live the high life in luxury either in Negril or Montego Bay for very reasonable rates.

There are some areas of the country that have relatively high levels of crime, but if you stick to the resorts (many of which are all-inclusive), and the recommended travel excursions. Even with that small caveat, the area is absolutely gorgeous, so I still highly advise you to take a vacation to Jamaica!

Turks and Caicos are Among the Best Caribbean Islands

From Salt Cay to Grand Turk, You Can’t Go Wrong…

Turks and Caicos have been described by many to be among the most beautiful islands in the world. The islands contain the world’s largest coral reef, so if you’re a diving or into snorkeling, you can’t say you’ve experienced anything until you see this. These islands are picture perfect and exhibit everything that’s desirable about the Caribbean.

Still technically a British territory, the primary language of Turks and Caicos is English. The population of the islands are roughly 30,000, so there are plenty of people to meet. These islands are perfect for either a romantic excursion or a peaceful family vacation, and there are special resorts and villas designed to meet every need for your Caribbean travels.