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Polo is a very popular game. It is played on horseback between two teams with the object of scoring point by driving a wooden ball into opponent’s goal using a long handled mallet. There are people who love polo worldwide. It is few of the games which has global acknowledgement. Vacations on the other hand are more relaxing than adventurous. People tend to go on vacations with friends or family. Adding the flavor of polo in your vacation is one of the great ideas of all time.

Why club them together and how?

Indulging into a sport so fun and enthusiastic is what can bring spark to your holiday. If you are with your friends or anyone who is equally enthusiastic about polo then you can enjoy with them but if even your friends or family members are good as audience, you can arrange accordingly. There are clubs which organize events of polo like tournaments or monthly matches. You can get in touch with the management and schedule your vacation trip according to the date of the tournament. This is how you can taste both. If you are a member chances are high that the management will send you invites to join them on tournaments. Plan a holiday trip to suit both purpose. It shall be awesome and thrilling experience in all.

Where to get information?

At the Polo business, we have list of UK polo club. The clubs mostly send us invites and we select a member to make a visit to these clubs. He takes in the experience at the club and judges the quality of service provided at that place. Once on return, he writes a review on the club to let other people know better about it. It helps them decide if planning a vacation there will be good or not. It is bliss for travelers as it combines both aspect of entertainment and relaxation. For more details contact us on information given in the website. We shall be glad to assist you with most of our capability.