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postheadericon 15 Most Visited International Cities by Business Travelers

If you regularly travel for business, you may find yourself visiting one or more cities on a regular basis. Have you ever wondered if other travelers routinely find themselves in the same cities? Check out our list of 15 most visited international cities (by business travelers) and you’ll likely find that you are in good company.

•    London, UK – This isn’t the first time that London has made the top of the International travel list. It only makes sense—many companies have European headquarters located in this iconic city.

•    Shanghai, China – The first of two Chinese cities that made the list. Shanghai is a huge city with growing industry and technology markets. 

•    Singapore – Singapore is a great central location for those companies that want an Asian presence. Luckily, traveling in and out of this city is a joy!

•    Beijing, China – Another Chinese city on the list, Beijing has been booming over the past few years. Hosting the Olympics only attracted, even more, international attention to this historic town.

•    Tokyo, Japan – Traveling to Tokyo is a dream of many, but it can be overwhelming too. Business seems to boom 24/7 in Japan—making it a different lifestyle over there.

•    Toronto, Canada – Many are surprised to find how active and vibrant Toronto is today. The large cities in Canada are virtually indistinguishable from those in the US.

•    Hong Kong – On the other hand, there is no surprise that Hong Kong made this list. Many industries have made Hong Kong a home (or second home).

•    Paris, France – In addition to being one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Paris is a great place to do business. More and more companies are creating a French presence making for a city that seamlessly blends history and modernism.

•    Mexico City, Mexico – The most populated city in Mexico is home to many companies and branches. Luckily, this city is designed with the traveler in mind.

•    Sao Paulo, Brazil – Traveling to Brazil may feel like you are going to another world. However, Sao Paulo is a bustling international hub with lots of places designed with the traveler in mind.

•    Montreal, Canada – Another Canadian city on the list, Montreal is in the French-speaking province of Quebec. However, there are plenty of English-speakers around too—making it a joy to visit.

•    Bangalore, India – India is nothing like most people imagine. The corporate, commercial side of the country has grown rapidly over the past couple of decades, making it a great market for many companies to enter.

•    Amsterdam, The Netherlands – Amsterdam may have an artistic background, but in recent years, it has become an important commercial center too. It’s a beautiful place to visit and retains its small-town charm despite the big business it conducts.

•    Calgary, Canada  – Calgary is gaining a reputation for its nightlife and cosmopolitan atmosphere. However, it grew to the size it was on the back of the oil industry.

•    Vancouver, Canada – This is a west coast seaport—and is also one of the busiest and most diverse cities in the country. Its strategic location makes it an excellent choice for corporate offices too.

While traveling for business may not always be about the “fun factor”, when you have the opportunity to visit destinations like this, you are bound to make some great memories. See if you can squeeze in a few hours for sightseeing here and there and get the full experience of traveling to some of the most incredible destinations around the world–all as part of your working life! Get more detals at – corporate travel