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postheadericon Mijas Foreign Residents Department Offers Helpful Information

The Town Hall in the village of Mijas in Málaga created the first Foreign Residents Department in Spain and helps new residents to settle into Spanish life. If you are looking to buy a Spanish property, see

The Foreigners Department was set up in 1985 and is run by helpful multilingual staff. It occupies a spacious office in the Town Hall building in the centre of the pretty white village of Mijas in the Province of Malaga.

Over the last 20 years or so more and more foreigners have taken up residence in the municipality of Mijas. The area covered by Mijas Town Hall includes the length of coast and inland known as MijasCosta , stretching from Fuengirola to Marbella. Also included is the traditional sea side town of La Cala de Mijas

Foreign residents have settled here because of its beauty and convenient location on the Costa del Sol. Malaga city is 30 minutes away and bus, train, airport and ferry connections are excellent.

Taking up residence in Spain is obviously quite different to spending time on holiday when none of the mundane matters of daily life have to be dealt with. Any foreigner, from whatever country will come up against a lot of bureaucratic and legal situations but in Mijas the Foreigners Department will advise and ease the burden.

Assistance Offered in all Ways

Finding a home, opening bank accounts, obtaining that special identity number – the NIE and becoming an employee or an employer are prime considerations for a new resident. Social security and medical care closely follow as does getting an electricity supply and a telephone connected and then registering the children into a local school.

Advice on finding a solicitor and an accountant who speak your language, understanding the tax system, paying taxes and knowing when and how to get rebates are indeed complicated but probably some of the most important facets of life in Spain.

Elderly Residents of all Nationilities

Many foreign residents in Mijas are of pensionable age and advice is given on obtaining pensions and health care. Including form filling where necessary! Residents need to have been on the Town Hall register for 5 years to receive home help and certain other benefits but these are all explained by the department.

Social Events, Fiestas, Classes, Seminars and Interpreter Services

Many social events run by the department including concerts, wine tastings, day classes, excursions and short trips. Spanish lessons are very popular and to give something in return, the department has organized a group of English speakers to help students with their studies at local schools a couple of mornings a week. Foreigners who speak good Spanish can volunteer through the interpreter service that helps at Police and Guardia Civil stations, local health centres and surgeries. Volunteers are always needed.

Help With Any Aspect of Life in Mijas

The Foreign Residents Department in Mijas is a valuable and worthwhile organization that gives free information regarding anything and everything that effects the life of its residents and will even help filling out forms. They also publish a very informative booklet called Living in Mijas.