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postheadericon Finding a Self-Catering Holiday intheUK to Suit Your Budget

There are many different types of self-catering holiday accommodation in the UK which ranges from camping in a tent in the Cotswolds all the way through to staying in a luxurious holiday cottage complete with sauna and hot tub. Regardless of your budget you should be able to find a nice type of accommodation that suits you and what you would like to get from a holiday. The options for self-catering holidays in the UK are:

Camping in a Tent

Let’s be honest camping in tent isn’t for everyone, all those lumps and bumps in the most uncomfortable places does not lend itself to a very good night’s sleep. Noises in the middle of the night and journeying over the other side of the field for a toilet break do not add up to it being the most relaxing of weeks. For some people this isn’t a problem and being outside and having that direct contact with the outdoors is just what they are after. You can expect to pay between £35 to £140 for a 7 day break.

‘Camping’ in a Touring Caravan

Touring vans in the UK are quite a popular method of having a holiday. Towing a caravan isn’t for everyone though and you do need to be a confident driver. The plus points are that you can have a good night’s sleep, and have your own toilet and shower. The cost of a one week holiday will range from £70 to £210 but then you do have the initial cost of the caravan to consider.

Static Caravan

Static caravans were extremely popular in the 70’s, 80’s and the beginning of the 90’s but interest in them has waned in the past few years. Once inside it’s very similar to being inside a large touring caravan – it’s warm and cosy and can provide a nice place to have a break. Costing between £140 to £1000 per week you will be able to find a holiday park to suit your budget.

Log Cabin

As the ‘new kid on the block’ log cabin holidays are taking the UK by storm. In the peak seasons hiring a log cabin can be a costly affair – up to £1500 for a week – but in the winter months you can be assured of getting a lot for your money (expect to pay about £325 per week). Log cabins with hot tubs are not uncommon and what’s more you can use the tub all year round. Most of the log cabins in the UK are less than ten years old and as such provide a modern and warm accommodation with a proper size bed!

Holiday Cottage

Holiday cottages are well distributed throughout the UK but the quality of them really does vary. If you are not booking up your cottage through a reputable hire company then try to visit the cottage before booking. You can however get some fantastic cottages that are on par with the top of the range log cabins. You can expect to pay from £250 per week up to £2000.

Looking through a good holiday’s directory will give you a lot of ideas and options for your budget – so make sure you investigate all options before you part with your cash