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What Are The Best Caribbean Islands To Visit?

Looking for the best Caribbean islands to visit on your next vacation? Look no further! I’ll guide you through some of the hottest Caribbean destinations so that your next vacation will be your absolute best!

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If you’re already dreaming of palm trees and pomegranate juice, then you’re halfway there. I highly recommend each of these tropical getaways, as they are each among my favorite places in the

The coastal areas of St. Martin are absolutely beautiful. My wife and I spent a full week in Philipsburg, St. Martin last summer, and we both fell in love with the place. From the friendly staff at the Butterfly Farm to the amazing views on Sunset Beach, the island has it all.

If you are planning on a trip to St. Martin, you won’t be disappointed. One important fact is that the island is divided into two halves. One half is governed by the Dutch, and the other half is French. Both sides of the island typically accept US Dollars, but the official currency on the French side is the Euro. Of all of the Caribbean islands that I’ve visited, I would consider this to be the best so far.

Visiting the Bahamas

Nassau in New Providence and Grand Bahama Island

The Islands of the Bahamas consist of an island chain that is filled with beautiful landscapes, clear blue seas, and spectacular views. I spent part of my honeymoon on Nassau (part of a cruise ship wedding), and it was simply stunning. We rented jet skis and rode them out on the ocean right at sunset. It’s one of my most unforgettable moments in the Caribbean.

Visiting Jamaica

Negril and Montego Bay

Jamaica’s tourist areas are very modern and equally as beautiful as anywhere else in the Caribbean islands. You can live the high life in luxury either in Negril or Montego Bay for very reasonable rates.

There are some areas of the country that have relatively high levels of crime, but if you stick to the resorts (many of which are all-inclusive), and the recommended travel excursions. Even with that small caveat, the area is absolutely gorgeous, so I still highly advise you to take a vacation to Jamaica!

Turks and Caicos are Among the Best Caribbean Islands

From Salt Cay to Grand Turk, You Can’t Go Wrong…

Turks and Caicos have been described by many to be among the most beautiful islands in the world. The islands contain the world’s largest coral reef, so if you’re a diving or into snorkeling, you can’t say you’ve experienced anything until you see this. These islands are picture perfect and exhibit everything that’s desirable about the Caribbean.

Still technically a British territory, the primary language of Turks and Caicos is English. The population of the islands are roughly 30,000, so there are plenty of people to meet. These islands are perfect for either a romantic excursion or a peaceful family vacation, and there are special resorts and villas designed to meet every need for your Caribbean travels.