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Have you ever just wanted to go and get out and hit the open road? Some people crave it, they need it. When you got to get away you just sometimes have to go. Other times, yes, it is wise to stay. Don’t leave your day job to go see the countryside for a month! Well, you sure could with advanced notice at your work. If you have the vacation time, by all means do hit the open road and make it happen. Have you considered what your preferred means of travel is? Your preferred means of transportation, rather? Camper, tent trailer, tents, hotel hopping, what do you think? There are lightweight travel trailers in three sizes that would easily accommodate the size and towing capacity of your vehicle. Check it out to see what is the right fit for you and your family. Sure you might want it all with the fancy features and things, but really you do need to take into consideration what you need. This then opens up the whole can of worms about what things do you need versus what things to you want. The questions might be brutal, but you do need to be honest about it all and honest with your family about what your needs are. Some wants might make life terribly convenient while on the road, and that can turn the tables and make it more of a need. You just need to weigh it all out and see how it adds up.

Hitting the road and seeing the country is neat thing to do. More and more folks are actually leaving suburban life and opting to live out of a smaller home, like a motor home or travel trailer. They can come and go as they please, they can camp and travel as they wish, they can cook or eat out, they have so many freedoms. Call them suburban pilgrims if you wish, they travel the nation and likely have a job where they can work remotely with wi-fi service. That is likely how most all of it is able to continue on. Work is still part of the equation; that or a month long vacation has been in the works for quite some time! So the next time you find yourself day dreaming a little bit, think about what your game plan is with life. Where does your mind wander to and what do you think you will be doing this time next year, or the year after, and the year after? Just thinking about things is how the ball begins to roll. It all starts with a thought.