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postheadericon World heritage in Malta with Travelgenio

Although Malta is being a very popular destination during summer, the truth is that during spring and autumn you will also enjoy all the beautiful spots you will find in the island.

Considered a low cost destination, you just have to take a look to the many offers you will find in Travelgenio to arrive to this Mediterranean paradise. In the travel agency web you will also be able to choose the best hotels in the island and the travel insurance you will need in case you want it.

You must take into account that Malta owns some World Heritage spaces in its geography so, just take a look and book your tickets to discover this marvellous destination.

World Heritage Sites in Malta

Hal Saflieni Hypogeum: when we talk about this hypogeum, we are talking about the only known underground prehistorically temple of the world. Although it is thought that the first years after the construction (2500 years B.C) was a sanctuary, the truth is that years after it worked as a necropolis. The complex is located in Paola, in the south of the Malta Island. If you want to see it, we recommend you to book your tickets before as it is preserved and there are only 80 people authorised each day to visit this archaeological site.

Megalithic Temples in Malta: when we talk about this island, we talk about history. It has been proved that it was inhabited many millennium ago. So it is the perfect place if you want to find the real origins. If you want to know if they are really ancient, just think about the fact that they were built even before the Egypt Pyramids. These temples were projected in stone over a clover design in its base. Travel2be also tell us that both, the Malta and Gozo temples are unique because of the way they were built, integrally in stone.

Valetta: the Maltese capital is also a unique place to visit and walk through. This city is located over the Peninsula and there you will find historical buildings that date from the 16th century. You will also be impressed by the legends and history of the Knights of the Order of Malta, that were incredible active in this island because of the geographical situation of Malta, between the east and west countries. Just take a look to the symbols of its cathedral to understand what we are talking about.

These are just three of the main reasons to make your luggage and fly to Malta, but not the only ones. You just have to get informed about the beaches, gastronomy and leisure offers you will find in this country to understand why it is considered an emerging destination.