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postheadericon Top 10 reasons to visit Brittany

France is one the world’s’ most visited country. Pack your bags, buy flight ticket and book your vacation in France.

There are many reasons to visit this northwest coastline of France, but these are definitely our top 10:

1.Beautiful coastline

From pink granite shapes of the north to the beautiful islands of the south the hardest decision would be to decided where to stay. Sand beaches are very popular among families with children and those who prefer to have an active vocation and enjoy sand surfing.


This French region is famous for its mediterranean food such as plateau de fruits de mer. If you enjoy fishing, you can join the locals for some seafood picking.

  1. Stunning Monuments

Brittany is considered as the largest historical heritage region after Paris. Some of the most famous medieval castles are located in this region.

  1. Celebrations

Brittany is well known for its music competitions and traditional costumes. The best time to visit this charming region si during the summer or more specifically in July and August. Make sure that festivals get a place in you ‘to do’ list.


  1. Cycling

Go hiking or cycle through the countryside or simply follow the coastal path in the south.

  1. Open Markets

Open food markets are the central part of each square and main attraction for both locals and tourists. Here you can buy fresh local products such as fruits, meat and local caught fish. There is no better place to try local specialities!

  1. The Islands

This region is surrounded by more than 800 islands and islets, and home to many birds species. We recommend you to catch a boat and explore some of the finest islands.